Calendar 2026 Indonesia | Public Holidays 2026

In Indonesia, many of the Indonesia Public Holidays 2026 are observed as Islamic holidays 2026. The primary reason is that this country is mainly recognized as a Muslim state. Prominent Islamic holidays 2026 include Ed Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha and Ramadan of year 2026.

Celebration of several international and religious holidays of 2026 are observed in Jakarta. In this city, banks and Government offices are closed on public holidays in 2026. The Government of Indonesia, in 2026, has announced sixteen National as well as four Collective 2026 holidays.

Printable Calendar 2026 Indonesia

This is based on Indonesia Government Holidays 2026 notifications, released and published by the Indonesian Government as and when required.

Indonesia Holidays 2026

It should be noted that the concept of joint holiday 2026 or ‘cuti bersama’ as it is called, has been introduced by the Government of Indonesia. The actual meaning of this word is that people can take leave together in holidays 2026. People can enjoy the longest break of six days among all the 2026 public holidays observed in the nation using the advantage of ‘cuti Bersama’.

The aim here is to encourage tourism as well. On a Monday or Friday, the joint holidays are observed in offices as Indonesia Official Holidays 2026 in Indonesia calendar of events 2026. Hence, employers declare Friday as holiday so that employees can enjoy a long holiday weekend in 2026

Date Day Holiday Type Year
01-Jan Thursday New Year Day Public 2026
03-Apr Friday Good Friday Public 2026
05-Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Public 2026
01-May Friday Labour Day Public 2026
15-May Friday Ascension Day Public 2026
01-Jun Monday Pancasila Day Public 2026
17-Aug Monday Independence Day Public 2026
25-Dec Friday Christmas Day Public 2026

Indonesia Bank Holidays may also get closed during holidays under Cuti Bersama concept. Throughout the year 2026, total list of Indonesia Federal Holidays including official, bank, national and public holidays 2026 have been announced by the government in 2026 year. The 2026 holiday dates may be amended officially by the government of Indonesia. People may have to check for the updates of holidays 2026 on a regular basis