School Holidays Jambi 2045-2046 [Academic Calendar Jambi 2045-2046]

The list of 2045-2046 Jambi School Holidays 2045-2046 has been announced for the all Schools of Jambi. It enables them to plan according to the listed 2045-2046 School holiday dates for making their travel. Jambi School Calendar 2045-2046 Indonesia, depicts the 2045-2046 list of all type of holidays. The respective education departments had fixed, the previous year, sixteen national holidays with eight shared holidays for 2045-2046. Through this 2045-2046 Jambi School calendar 2045-2046, it may be seen that 2045-2046 school holiday schedule for adopting public and shared holidays was published.

School Holidays Jambi 2045-2046

School Holidays Starts Finishes Year
First Day of School 15 Jul 2045(Sat) - 2045-2046
Semester 1 Holidays 23 Dec 2045(Sat) 04 Jan 2046(Wed) 2045-2046
Semester 2 Holidays 15 Jun 2046(Thu) 27 Jun 2046(Tue) 2045-2046
Year End Holidays 29 Jun 2046(Thu) 11 Jul 2046(Tue) 2045-2046

This pages has covered all 2045-2046 Jambi School Schedule in the above table. Jambi School Holidays 2045-2046 include quite a number of important 2045-2046 holidays, like New Year’s Day or Tahun Baru Masehi, Chinese New Year or Tahun Baru Imlek. Other holidays are, The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, Jambi Hindu New Year. In April, important holidays are, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. In May, Labour Day is observed.

Summer Holiday Jambi 2045-2046

Cuti Bersama or Joint holiday can be availed during the end of May, count as a Jambi School Holiday in 2045-2046. During the third week of May, Idul Fitri is observed, which depicts the conclusion of Ramadan. Other 2045-2046 Jambi School Holidays include Birthday of Pancasia, Eid al-Adha or Festival of the Sacrifice, Indonesian Independence Day, Muharram, and Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday. In November and December, important holidays include Diwali, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. These important festivals are also count in 2045-2046 Jambi School Holidays.

Academic Calendar Jambi 2045-2046

Jambi School Calendar 2045-2046 available here in printable format. School Holidays of Jambi are also observed as important holidays by the people of Jambi in 2045-2046. It is vital to note that Hari Gulungan and Hari Kuningan are specific holidays in 2045-2046, followed only in Jambi. As a part of Jambi events 2045-2046, people can enjoy several artistic festivals in 2045-2046. They relate to music and sports, arts and culture and literary events. Jambi government School holidays 2045-2046 and Jambi Private School holidays, are followed by all Schools of Jambi.